Amnesia Haze Auto Feminised Seeds


Amnesia Haze Auto cannabis hybrid is ideal for medical applications (medical marijuana) and has an uplifting effect.




The Amnesia Haze Automatic is the result of many years of breeding. A cross of the Amnesia Haze, which was bred in the Netherlands in the 1990s by Hy-Pro Seeds. The original Amnesia, aka Amnesia Haze, Champagne Haze, The Bomb, Ultra Haze and many other names is a classic Sativa strain that is popular everywhere.

Amnesia Haze Auto is a sativa/indica hybrid cannabis strain that was bred by adding in ruderalis genetics from a male breeding plant. Although a long-flowering strain it is relatively easy to grow, requiring patience more than anything else, with a reward of decent yields of potent, cerebral buds.

Amnesia Haze is a cross between a South Asian indica and a Cambodian land-race sativa. Its genetics provide it with great hybrid vigour and it can be grown very successfully indoors as well as outdoors in warmer climate regions such as the Mediterranean, necessary due to its longer florescence. Plants grow medium tall with plenty of side-branching and plants take well to a Sea of Green set-up where yields are maximised. Staking is also advised towards the end of flowering so that the weight of the buds does not snap the branches. Flowering lasts up to 13 weeks with 11 – 12 being the average. Yields are good at between 300 – 400 gr/m2.

Citrus/lemon/orange terpenes abound giving buds a deliciously citrus scent and flavour with some background earthiness and tropical notes. THC levels go from 16% up to 20% and the effect is uplifting and euphoric, inducing feelings of sativa happiness.

Therapeutically Amnesia Haze Auto is recommended for helping with depressionstress and also for pain relief.


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